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Black Women
Are Overwhelmed
And Underserved.

According to The State of Black Women in Corporate America 2020 which drew heavily on Lean In and McKinsey & Company’s annual Women in the Workplace study, Black Women are severely underrepresented in leadership roles, and sometimes that’s just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Ongoing stress from unique personal and professional responsibilities as a result of: racial discrimination, pay inequity, overwhelming anxiety, racial injustice, increasingly alarming health statistics, lack of personal and professional support, and now the effects of COVID-19 are pushing them closer toward the door, and frankly over the edge. If it’s true that every system is perfectly designed to manifest the results it creates, then you can JOIN FORCES with us to change the system by investing in the success of women of color globally. The beautiful collateral is you will undoubtedly attract, cultivate, retain, and support black female talent in your organization as a result.

The Sister Diamonds platform offers professional and executive coaching, live events, online courses, diversity and inclusion training and support, mentoring, dual-leadership pathways and more to cultivate women of color. These strategic offerings propel personal and professional success by supporting their super powers in LEADERSHIP and LOVE. As black women ourselves, we realize no black woman wants to be a professional success and personal failure. 

Sister Diamonds, LLC focuses on the total woman to help her build and strengthen the relationships that matter at work, home, and in the greater community. We harness the power of collectivism and collaboration in all Sister Diamonds brands to effectively illuminate, celebrate, and advance the brilliance of Black Women.

Want to Join Your Super Power With Ours
To Change The Narrative For Black Women?

In partnering with Sister Diamonds, LLC, you will:

Connect with Diverse Markets, Customers, Ideas, and Talent

Increase your ability to attract and retain a more diverse, global workforce and be the model for inclusive leadership.

Address the Pervasive Negative Effects of Systemic Racism in the Community and Workplace

Be part of the collective solution to increase representation and advance racial and gender equity for women of color in the workplace.

Champion Inclusive Global Economic Development For Women of Color

Support emerging black-female-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to increase diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and a more competitive supply chain for your organization.

Reinforce and/or Establish a More Positive Brand Image

Become an employer or loyal brand of choice with more Women of Color globally.

Support the Personal and Professional Development of High Potential, Emerging Leaders, and Business Women of Color

Increase the effectiveness of your high potential leaders and promote a diverse talent pool to meet and/or exceed your strategic diversity and inclusion goals.

Partner to Promote Thriving Families and Communities

Support and advocate for the creation of healthier relationships in the lives of the Black Women who lead and contribute to your organization's success.

Who is sister diamonds, LLC?

We Are The Change We Want To See, And You Can Join Us!

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What We Offer

If you really desire to advance racial equity, justice, diverse talent, and empower inclusive leadership in your organization,
we are a definitive partner of choice to help you achieve that goal.

International Slumber Party

Saturday, July 31, 2021

More than 10,000 young women of color will come together for a one-day 2D virtual experience like no other to celebrate their brilliance and personal purpose.

View our Sponsorship Deck to learn more.

SHE Brilliance

Friday, October 22nd – 24th, 2021

SHE Brilliance is a dynamic experience with tremendous purpose - To promote and support women being fully represented in positions of global power and leadership!

Heart of the Matter Conversations

Heart Of The Matter events and relationship coaching offers tools to break the cycle that’s damaged the black family and relationships.

Volition Enterprises, Inc.

Volition Enterprises, Inc. is a premiere Organizational Development (OD) firm specializing in the areas of: Executive, Professional Coaching and Diversity & Inclusion.

Sister Diamonds, LLC

Dr. Nicole LaBeach & Crystal Khalil

In 2020, during one of the most tumultuous times our world has ever seen, we decided our commitment to collectivism and the illumination of excellence could not only change lives, but be our greatest decision and contribution yet.

Together, we created a brand that empowered others through love, light, and transformative leadership experiences… We created Sister Diamonds, LLC! Our mission, cultivate sister diamonds around the world because it’s been proven, only a diamond can cut another diamond – Cultivation is what we do!

As Co-CEO’s of Sister Diamonds, LLC., and trusted leaders known for cultivating black women, our accomplishments include the following: 

  • Crystal Khalil is a renowned supply chain leader and the first African-American executive for the global, luxury automotive manufacturer, Porsche. As a powerful leader, speaker, and businesswoman, Crystal inspires potential and high performance for corporate talent and entrepreneurs. Her success as an executive and relationship coach, trainer, and international Amazon best-selling author of Hard Workers Work Hard, And Networkers Move Up! empowers leaders to show up in their authenticity and brilliance’.

Together, we are known as the ‘Wonder Twins”! Just like the sibling super friend heroes from the Justice League in the 1970s, we each have superpowers that once combined, shine forth undeniable brilliance, and form of ‘Empowered Women of Color” all over the world. To our tribe, we’re business women, executives, and ambassadors of service.  It’s no surprise, our faith and fierce commitment to empowering the human spirit brought us together and continue to celebrate our core values of SERVICE, HUMILITY, and EXCELLENCE

If you’re committed to the advancement of black female talent, Sister Diamonds, LLC has everything you need to catapult progress in empowering the success of inclusive leadership in your organization. We are the reliable, proven, and strategic partners to best accelerate your outcomes.

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Sis, You've Found Your Tribe!

Let’s Be The Change Together!

You have power and resources. Sister Diamonds has a brilliant and proven plan of action to change the alarming statistics and disturbing narrative for women of color globally.  By empowering and cultivating women of color in LEADERSHIP and LOVE, together, we can be a critical force of good.

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