Only a Diamond can cut another Diamond! 

Sister Diamonds LLC. is a global media, product, service, and experience company that celebrates the power and value of women through its brand offerings: International Slumber Party, Sista Hugs, and SHEbrilliance 


We call ourselves the Wonder Twins! Together, Zan and Jayna were sibling super friend superheroes from the Justice League in the 1970’s. When they activated their powers, they did extraordinary super natural things. Its worth a laugh every time we say it, but the sentiment is trueWe are sister friends with super powers that once combined shine forth undeniablbrilliance

What we do

At Sister Diamonds, Inc. we use our inner light, human and financial resources to celebrate and illuminate the value of women all over the world.  Our company was founded in accordance with God’s purpose to serve our sisters through extraordinary life-changing products, services, and experiences. 

Our Mission

 To foster a global narrative that validates, elevates, affirms, and celebrates the value and power of women.

Our Values

  • We honor a higher power greater than ourselves.
  • We serve and create from a position of love for our employees, customers, and fellow sisters.
  • We honor one another in truth and integrity. 
  • We value diversity of thought, spirituality, and beliefs.
  • We embrace the unique experiences of women globally.
  • We provide inspiring products that celebrate the human spirit. 
  • We provide unparalleled unique experiences that surprise, inspire, and delight. 
  • We provide sustainable systems, resources and tools that foster real change in the lives of the customers and communities we serve.
  • We do the right thing from positive and clear intentions.

Our Brands


is a brand movement that celebrates the lives of women through fun and unique products and services that personify a hug and inspire life, love, and laughter.   


 is a brand that validates, empowers, and elevates the global life experience of young adult women of color through enlightening and transformative slumber party experiences  


is a leadership development brand for high performing businesswomen and entrepreneurs. 


“The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is action in spite of fear!” –

Crystal Khalil, Co-Founder Sister Diamonds, LLC

“Eagles aren’t afraid to fly. They were born for flight. If you let people tell you who you are, you’ll spread your wings based on their opinions vs. your capacity!” –

Dr. Nicole LaBeach, Co-Founder Sister Diamonds, LLC 

“One shining light does not diminish another. We are more illuminating when we shine together.” –

Crystal Khalil, Co-Founder Sister Diamonds, LLC